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Arsenal gunned down in derby stand-off

Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Arsenal There is a fantastic conversation, in Issue Four of The Blizzard, between Didier Deschamps and Jean-Claude Suaudeau, where the former World Cup winner (and now France coach), mentions that in today’s game, there are “two zones of truth…if you’ve got a great keeper and a great striker, you’re not that far […]

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Arsenal still searching for the perfect balance

Arsene Wenger was talking about a striker who he signed in his second season in charge at AS Monaco, the Argentine Ramon Diaz. In training, he would say Diaz was so focused on his finishing that “every time he missed a chance, he went absolutely mad. I said to him ‘calm down’ He said to […]

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Alexis Sanchez can take centre stage for Arsenal

In his book, Lonely at the Top, a biography of Thierry Henry, Philippe Auclair reveals the psyche of one of Arsenal’s greatest players, although in getting there, the troubled image he has in his native France. In particular is the fascinating account of how Henry ended up at The Gunners, having become an increasingly maligned figure in […]

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Recommendations for Arsène’s Summer Shopping Spree

March. Having been befuddled by Bradford City in the Capital One Cup, bounced out of the FA Cup by Blackburn Rovers, and humiliated at home by Bayern Munich, Arsenal squared off against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. And lost. They were now seven points behind Spurs in the race for the last Champions’ League spot. […]

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Ten conclusions to make from Arsenal’s season 2012/13

1. Arsenal find defensive efficiency… Arsenal’s season can broadly be separated into three parts, illustrated by the way their pressing has varied. Initially they didn’t press much, instead concentrating on discipline and shape as Steve Bould supposedly sprinkled his expertise on the team. (Although it’s arguable how much influence he had on Arsenal’s tactics and rather, the reactive […]

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Arsenal and Chelsea confide in their similarities

After years of feeling like two distinctly different teams, Chelsea and Arsenal finally have something in common. Chelsea, usually known for their brutal efficiency, against Arsenal, serial underachievers and progenitors of a style that was starting to become their downfall; whenever they faced each other, it always seemed much more than just a match between two title […]

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